an educational robotics system made for exploring

Start With Blocks, Move to Code

Your students can start coding immediately using the drag-and-drop programming interface. Then, whenever they're ready, they can graduate to text-based code. Try out a demo of Mission Control here.

See What the Rover Sees

rovercode features a live video feed from the robot's point of view.

No Software or App to Install

Just turn on your rover, then launch Mission Control on any device with a browser. Whether you students have iPads, Chromebooks, desktops or laptops, they are good to go.

Created by Community

rovercode is developed with care by a team of open-source developers. If you're developer, find out how easy it is to help make rovercode even better.

About us. rovercode is © 2017 Brady L. Hurlburt and rovercode contributors.