About Us

We are a team of engineers and educators who are passionate about great communities and powerful learning experiences.

Brady Hurlburt, CPO

Brady is a software engineer who is passionate about cultivating great online communities. He’s also a former classroom teacher who loves writing lesson plans and holds an M.A. in Teaching! He has 9 years of experience in electronics design, embedded software, and cloud software.


Clifton Barnes, CTO

Clif is a software engineer who architects reliable, high-performance cloud applications and leads teams to bring them to life. He has over 15 years of experience with embedded and cloud software design.


Kevin Berkopes, CEO

Kevin has been experimenting with what is possible in education for over 15 years. His pragmatic approach to education was formulated through combined degrees from Purdue University and the University of Texas at Austin, together with years of teaching experience. Through teaching, he learned about the diverse needs within education, from primary schools in rural areas to universities in urban cities, and realized that equitable success requires more than passion.